DHL Data Analytics

data is important to our customer when it has a story behind it good cell data analytics helps me a lot to understand a specific level of risk for a particular link as an example if you go to a very hot environment especially for our own products that we have to keep that temperature at too late we're very limited stability data it's going to be extremely useful for us to understand the risk before we even chat the talk you know we're using our own internal data to understand certain patterns that you might not see if you just look at a handful of shipments but if you look at the history of difference over time you might detect when a certain weather condition at a certain point in time kind of comes together then we see temperature excursions we've established a tool which allows our customers to quantify their risk in a way that we've never been able to do before so the primary source of our data is our life track system and the smart sensor data loggers that we place on all our shipments we're able to bring other data into our system as well we have a tool that we call connection we're able to connect other data sources we can bring flight data in we can bring weather data in the data needs to be connected and that's what our vision is we want to have the data platform the connector that we can actually combine our customers data with our data and make a lot more sense out of it we complement each other because we give our knowledge further to our suppliers I'm talking about the airline's I'm talking about the steamship companies I'm talking about companies who are responsible for packaging and what-have-you so in the whole chain I think the life sign industry benefit from our knowledge and compliment each other when it comes to the shipping world over the course of the next five years those companies that adapt data analytic strategies will be ultra competitive in the market and those that don't were being themselves irrelevant or extinct it is ultimately for the patient safety we want to make sure that this data that we collect and analyze is become very instrumental when it comes to transporting the cargo to make sure we deliver the health care products to every single patients around the world with product integrity you

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