DexCom G6 – NUR515/635

introducing the Dexcom g6 continuous blood glucose monitor proven to lower a1c levels and hypoglycemic episodes with zero finger sticks and glucose readings available conveniently on your smart device six has been fda-approved for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes – who aren't an insulin pump or taking insulin injections and who are in between the ages from 2 to 75 years old this device takes away the need for finger sticks using a sensor that has changed every 10 days with a simple OneTouch applicator all data is transmitted to your preferred display device and every 5 minutes features are even available to create customized alert to meet your individual needs and the biggest added benefit real control this device gives patients the control to manage their blood glucose levels in a tight range and prevents glucose levels from becoming either too high or too low before experiencing any severe symptoms this control gives patients the confidence needed to manage their blood glucose with a with visual display information available at their fingertips all of this information obtained by the exten g6 is also available to be easily shared with any of your providers from 1999 to 2003 Dexcom began testing long-term implantable continuous glucose monitors in humans in 2004 they created a short-term sensor and in 2006 the sensor was first available to the public which provided a three-day where and provided up to 288 measurements per day from 2007 to 2012 the sensor continued to be updated to improve accuracy and wear longevity to up to 7 days in 2015 the software was updated to allow data to be securely shared among five people in 2006 keen Dexcom have created a software update that eliminated the need for daily finger sticks and in 2017 the Dexcom was the first and only continuous blood glucose monitor to be classified as durable medical equipment for medicare and medicaid in 2018 the most recent update was created and inspected to be approved by Medicare by the end of 2019 to start your journey with the Dexcom g6 your provider can electronically order the device through your local pharmacy there is initial paperwork that your provider must complete an order for your device to be covered by your insurance once this process is complete you're correct your provider can electronically order insuring the following are on your prescription a 3-pack of sensors which are changed every 310 days a wireless transmitter and one receiver for those patients who do not have pharmacy coverage they can follow up with Dexcom to apply for possible DME benefit coverage improvements have been made since the previous device that XCOM g5 that XCOM g6 can now be used with pediatric patients as young as two years old new features also allow sensors to be worn for up to 10 days the OneTouch auto applicator for sensor placement allows sensors to be worn in discrete areas on the body there is also a new urgent low soon alarm which will tell you when your blood glucose level is starting to drop too low the g6 can also be used to make treatment decisions for people who take acetaminophen up to a thousand milligrams every six hours the previous models before the Dexcom g6 could not account for the possible false elevations in blood glucose as a result of taking acetaminophen as long as the patient stays within the range of a thousand milligrams of acetaminophen every six hours and no greater the acetaminophen blocking agent built into the c6 will allow treatment decisions to continue to be made by this device prior to this ability of the g6 provider did not feel as comfortable making changes to insulin administration with the patient taking acetaminophen in conjunction with device use due to the possibility of elevated blood glucose readings so why should you choose the Dexcom g6 you can manage your blood glucose with real time no more Falls help high glucose readings while taking acetaminophen OneTouch applicators for easy insertion of the sensor and transmitter applications available for both iOS and Android and easily share glucose readings with your provider and up to five others to help manage your diabetes

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