Developing Skills that Advance Innovation | UMBC Biotechnology

In order to be innovative in the life science industry you have to go beyond just being a scientist. Scientists are very good and innovating around the technology, but many of us early in our career didn’t have any business training of any sort and so we couldn’t innovate and on marketing, sales, business management, on that side of things and so a lot of biotech companies struggled in their early days because the scientists didn’t have that parallel skill set. So, the UMBC certificate programs are all designed with the advice of the senior executives in the industry. The courses are, in both the management and the regulatory certificate programs, are all designed to give you skills not necessarily information alone. And so, what these programs allow a student to do is to be able to innovate on the science because in order to innovate on the science and benefit society you have to get your product off the bench and into the market space. And, in order to do that you have to be innovative on the business side of things as well. So, they’re really complementary skills that you need to develop in order to be advance that innovation into the marketplace.

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