Designing for Experimentation to Enhance Digital Business Innovation | BUx on edX

do you aspire to play a vital role in driving digital strategy for your firm to do this we argue the key is developing skills and perspectives around experimentation and capability for experimentation can improve the quality of the products and services organizational processes and strategic decision making digital technologies enhance this capability by lowering the cost and expanding the reach of experimentation in this course you will develop an understanding of business experimentation that will help you address questions such as the following what are the elements of business experiments and how are they different from scientific experiments how do we design our products teams and operational processes to support experimentation how do we take advantage of experimentation not only to drive incremental change but also to help us drive disruptive change how do innovative firms create advanced technological and organizational infrastructure to drive experimentation at the largest scope and scale you will understand experimentation as a broad tool set that can brought to bear in your own product team and firm these skills will increasingly be vital to realizing your professional aspirations in a wide range of roles

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