Delaware First: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

innovation entrepreneurship is one of the staples on which our institution is built innovation is this continuous process of working to arrive at solutions to some of the most challenging problems that we have and then of course we need through entrepreneurship to basically translate those two useful products and services for the world inside of everybody is a creative spirit and so we just make it easier for people to be able to create what they would like to create what does he do for the students you have no idea perfect example of this is the go baby go cars his study of the mechanisms of cerebral palsy that allows that child to move and interact more with other healthy children by junior year we started the company geo swap geo swap is a mobile app that aggregates everything going on in your area so it's a community information platform looking at how to better allow medicines to cross the blood-brain barrier to treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease working on better ways to manufacture medicines to make more reliable safe supplies we do a lot of wearable technology and technology embedded in clothing so helping children who have special needs children who have cognitive impairments of some kind these students are amazing they're gonna change the world and gonna come out of university Delaware so that's why the innovation entrepreneurship is all about it's about creativity it's about connectivity it's about imagination about collaboration I mean we've seen that already in the first of the buildings that we've created it has really dramatically changed our research funding it has changed the faculty that we attract you need a space to be able to try things you need a space to be able to innovate that's where you see the real genesis of of new ideas forming and men new minds going in new directions and so having those kinds of spaces available is really the catalyst that you need to create that kind of culture when our where we need to be yet but we're working on it imagine what we could accomplish if we had all of the resources that we need or would want to be able to do these amazing projects that we do and we're only limited by our imagination but we don't have to be limited by our resources just think about what you can dream and let us try to make that happen this is how an institution becomes preeminent when these students you produce go out and make a difference in the world as you think about the future the sky's the limit

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