Defending IoT-Connected Systems Against Attacks

okay excellent so I'm her brother and bloomin steak I'm the CTO of cloud and AI security in Microsoft and I'm very happy to be here today and I'm very happy that all of you came to our very exciting session so first of all let's talk about what happened let's talk about the digital transformation so with the with the move to the cloud and third-party SAS and all the exciting things that now everything is connected including customers all our customers data and partners and supply chain and citizens and smart cities etc there is a lot of growth and this is a huge business opportunity but with this expansion expansion of the digital the digital state so with the expansion of this digital state the problem of protecting everything is becoming increasingly difficult let's see what IOT brings to this equation so if in the past and actually not so long ago only like a few years ago when we talked about connected technologies we talked maybe about laptops tablets printers smartphones etc but what happened – what happened nowadays is that all those connectivity increased tremendously so from printers we are talking about 3d printers from smart watches too many were many wearables lots of system that monitoring system health system and everything is connected to the Internet so the explosion of the connected device obviously adds a lot to the complexity of the problem of securing your organization so many people would think oh we don't have a line of business IOT line of business so we don't have to worry about IOT so the coordinate the corporate network is dead why because everything is either in the cloud or in 20 sighs so there's nothing in the coordinate I'm saying that the corporate is not dead it's just full of things and what things it's full of screens projectors and headphones and cameras and all those things are connected to your cope net Network so now there are you and if you are responsible for securing your organization and even if you don't have an IOT line of business you're an IOT organization so IOT hello IOT grows very fast as a matter of fact if we look at the prediction in 2020 for a 1 there will be 25 billion connected devices with a very fast growth rate if you think about it in 2021 there will be about 8 million sorry 8 billion humans on this planet so in a sense for each human on this planet we are going to have 3 IOT connected device so that's a lot of device to secure so IOT is growing very fast but the tax on IOT are growing much faster probably the most famous IOT attack happened about 2 years ago probably most of you heard about the Mariah attack it gets a lot of press everybody was talking about it it was the first time that I ot was leveraged forget Stuxnet which happened before but it was the first time that I ot was you our ot attack was used in order to generate the biggest dealers in history since then there have been many IOT attacks actually my favorite my favorite IOT attack next time we really have to get those off phones so my favorite IOT attack is the attack that happened actually last year it was an attack on one of the casinos and the nice thing is that the late day what he used and some of you probably heard about it is the the used aquarium which has they had a very fancy aquarium as the vector as the penetration port to the to the network why because in that aquarium they had the thermostat that was connected you know from a distance so people would be able to control it and it was connected to the corpnet nobody thought that there is anything for the fish to hide therefore nobody put any security measurements on that thermostat so there are Tucker leverage this thermostat in order to penetrate the corporate network once once he or she we don't know who it was got to the to the network they did lateral movement they reach the customer database and the rest is history it should be it the coordinate of that casino I will not say the name okay so and as a matter of fact in recent in a recent survey 20 prefer 20 percent of organization already reported IOT based attack I believe that the situation is much worse because out of those that didn't think that they were attacked via IOT almost 40% of them had very low visibility or poor understanding to the IOT system so while ignorant is a place you can you can imagine that the problem is much bigger the good news is that awareness of IOT attacks is really on the rise and we can actually declare 2019 as the year of IOT attacks because in again in another recent survey that we did with scissors around the world seventy percent seventy two percent reported that the board of director asked them how they are prepared for a car for coming IOT attack and eighty five percent reported that the CEO CFO or city or ask them about their preparation so awareness is going so we are going to have a very interesting session so let's explore now what are the speakers in this session are going to talk about IOT security

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