'Deep Fake' technology: The growing threat against American Democracy

nowadays you can get a college lecture anywhere even at the bar nobody's getting credit for this but they're learning that's the point of profs and pints to bring scholars to places they normally wouldn't be I'm trying to do talks that I see is important for our democratic system and on this night Georgetown University's joshua gelt sir had an important topic to discuss the rise of deep fake technology so this is the technology that lets even one photo and certainly ten or a hundred photos be used to create a video that can make it look like the person in that photo said things he or she never actually said this altered video shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slurring her speech and then he had a press conference in the Rose Garden and then there's this fake video apologizing for the series finale of Game of Thrones I'm sorry Monroe this is not six days we've long trusted in the notion that seeing is believing and with deep fakes seeing should not be believing what's really worrisome is as this technology is emerging the race for the White House is heating up hypothetically a person could manipulate what a candidate says during a debate the next thing you know that fake clip goes viral that can confuse voters that can confuse foreign leaders ultimately gelser believes tech companies and governments share responsibility is slowing the spread of these deep fakes we're at the dawn of this as a problem and we're probably at the dawn of it in terms of beginning to get us solutions john henry wusa9

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