Dear Science Influencers and Zappos

It is 5:00 in the morning. I just woke up
and I came into my garage so I wouldn’t wake up my kids
to make a video because I need your help. I have a job right now that is my dream job, and I can’t keep doing it alone. [ applause and cheering ] In the last three years, I have donated
full days of science demonstrations to more than 20,000 kids in Southern Nevada. [ class exclaims ] Every month I give
away two free school visits, and then I go to these schools and
I spend a full day doing science. It lets me reach kids who would not see me or
another scientist or special guest otherwise. I’m going to schools that really need
this service and it makes a difference. Two and three years after my visits,
I still get comments on my youtube channel where kids tell me that they’re in
middle school now but they still remember the demonstrations that I did how much fun they were and they still follow the channel and they love learning about science because of the visit that I did. So first, if you’re a company in Vegas; Zappos, I’m talking to you. We can partner together. If you have an outreach component to your grant, I can be that outreach. It can be
school visits or it can be a video, please contact me. The Kickstarter campaign that
I’m running right now is only gonna succeed if I can find some influencers who are willing to share this with their audiences. On my Kickstarter campaign, I’m
offering a calendar and that calendar has a suggested science activity for
every single week of the year and it has fun science cartoons. And I know there are 300 people in the world who love science who would like
an educational calendar that has a suggested science activity
for each week of the year, and who would want to see these
series of videos produced for kids, Science Mom explains the atmosphere, Science Mom explains chemistry, I know 300 people like this exist, but I am NOT capable of reaching them. I’ve spent all I can on
advertising and I’ve reached out to my circle of influence and we’ve had a good
showing of support. we have more than 100 people
backing the Kickstarter already, but it’s not going to be enough if we don’t have a boost. In the next four days, we really need
more than 300 people to come on if we’re going to hit our goal
of being fully funded and if we’re going to sell out that run of calendars. So science communicators,
if you could share this, I would be so grateful you can change my life and you can impact the lives of tens of thousands
of students in Southern Nevada who see me do science demonstrations at
their school for free each year. Please help me continue the science outreach
and make these series of videos. Thank you.

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  1. Aymn ali said:

    I wish you all the best
    You deserve it
    Keep it up 😉

    December 2, 2019

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