“Data Science” ilə maraqlananların mütləq bilməli olduğu ödənişsiz resurs

Hi everybody Today, I’m with another supporting video in front of you. So, nowadays, I’ve noticed on facebook that people from my country is getting more interested in Data Science which make me really happy I’ve already seen many people they’ve completed one of the most famous Data Science course on Coursera which consists of 9 modules everyone tries to complete it and to contribute this improvement and to help anyhow I decided to make this video Most probably, you pay these courses on Coursera or you apply for the financial aid opton but there is no need any of these these courses which are on Coursera and consist of 9 modules on another website, are available completely free what you need to do is only registering before starting the video I would like to point out one thing that I’ve been told about this website for the first time by our student, Sakina that’s why, I would like to thank and give all credits to her. So I’m going to share the screen of my laptop let’s start with Coursera first I’m going to find the courses and show you its name is IBM Data Science when you type IBM one of the first courses which pop up is the one if you click on the courses there are modules from 1 to 9 and each of them is another course itself and contains very useful information and there is no need for any prior knowledge for starting about programming or data science it starts with a beginner level as you can see on the screen of course in order to get this on Coursera either you have to pay or apply for financial aid I’m thinking of making another video about financial aid in order to show all the details These are the courses What is Data Science Open Source tools for Data Science In order to get all these courses legally free If it wasn’t legal, I would not make this video and I would not mention their website in my video but this is completely legal simply IBM has shared their courses with another website for free and this website you can have all these courses for free the name of the website is cognitiveclass.ai these are not the only courses which are available on this website there are tons of courses about Data Science Big Data, Artificial Intelligence let me log in to my account first as you can see, we entered the website if I’m not mistaken, I had an account with Google as you can see I’ve logged into my account these are the same courses which were on Coursera but the difference is that they’re not under one module, but separately for example, here Introduction to Data Science is What is Data Science on Coursera in order to find them, simply copy the name of the course for example, Data Science Methodology and search for it as you can see, the course is available here On the other hand if you have a look at other courses it doesn’t matter, Cloud, Blokchain Internet of Things how to create ChatBot How to build robots with TJBot Big Data Hadoop, there’re more than enough coursers for free if you really are interested in Data Science and eager to improve yourself in this field this website would be one of the best fits for you as you can see most of the courses are for beginner levels you’re not required to have a high level of programmin skills or any prior knowledge about Data Science Hope, you found this video useful Thank you for watching and take care!

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