Data Science and Big Data Analytics: Making Data-Driven Decisions

(playful, bouncy, light music) – There's an abundance of data now. We record what we eat, what
we watch, what we listen to, where we go; in a way we're
recording the DNA of our lives. And there's tremendous
challenges in taking this data and transforming it into
actionable decisions. This course is unique,
because it's particularly targeted toward professionals. It goes very quickly
from basic principles, all the way to most advanced
techniques in Data Science, such as Deep Learning. It's really a way to think
differently about data, to understand what kind of
questions you are actually allowed to ask, once you have
a certain data set at hand. – How do we set the parameters
of a deep neural network? – [Philippe Rigollet]
We've assembled a group of case studies… – Finding genes that cause autism. – where we can see how the
particular Data Sense techniques that we learn are applied
to specific examples. I teach a module on
Recommendation Systems, and this is what you see
when you go, for example, on Netflix, and you see some movies that are recommended to you. The idea is to walk out of this course with a deeper understanding
of the concepts that are behind Data Science… – Clustering. – and ready to apply
them to a particular area in which you work. There's a huge demand for Data Scientists, and it's not just Google. Hospitals are hiring Data Scientists, industries and financial systems
are hiring Data Scientists. Data is everywhere. (playful, bouncy, light music)

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