Data Analytics Lab at the UCD Quinn School

Deloitte got involved in sponsoring the data analytics lab at the Quinn school because our clients are dealing with increasingly complex environments globally the dealing with huge amounts of data and they're continuously looking for new ways of analyzing data to get insight into their own businesses and to drive shareholder value so really information on everything that's traded around the world so commodities and equities and so on secondly though there are a lot of tools that are available so people can do very sophisticated qualitative analyses within the Bloomberg system by a having access to very large amounts of data and B having access to very sophisticated tools to analyze a teacher when you're applying to you city ultimately you're thinking about your end goal career objective and when you come into a place like the Quinn Business School and you see technology like this that you're going to be using in college and then that you can apply in your future business career it really shows that you have the edge and that you'll be able to go and view SEC technology and be familiar with it when you go into the workplace you're able to make yourself much more employable for future jobs an example is the Bloomberg assessments has taught UCD facilitate members to come in and sit sit inside the exam and then before that you have the opportunity to go in with the love is free to brush up on your skills and be able to pass that exam and get the highest mark you can and then they'll puts you on to a database for future employers and they can see that you can certified in Zumba a UCD graduate Quinn school graduate will have an advantage immediately in work if they have a thorough understanding of the power of analytics and a working understanding of some of the tools that are used today in businesses such as Bloomberg type tools and other leading technology tools which will make them productive from the first day they start in a new career

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