Data Analytics at Scale – Intensive Course, MSc in Social Data Science

hello I'm Scott Hill and I'll be leading the course on data analytics at scale this is the second intensive course in Michaelmas term running in weeks five and six of the course it follows on from the Python fundamentals in the first four weeks and really builds on those skills to be able to extend our ability to analyze and wrangle data that is larger than traditional data sets something that's larger than what would fit in your computer on your laptop and be able to extend that first perhaps across multiple processes within a single computer but then across multiple computers as well to be able to distribute the computation and the analysis throughout the course we'll be looking at a number of different topics and these are numerated in the reading list but we'll be learning about some of the constraints on code and what it means to write efficient and effective code how we can most effectively use CPU specs memory and hard disk space to be able to achieve our goals and we'll look at some of the technologies that enable us to scale across multiple computers and distribute workloads both for storage and for analysis the structure of the course is similar to many of the other intensive so we'll have lectures in the morning where we'll be covering the concepts in getting to the sort of theoretical details behind them to really get a full intuitive understanding of what's happening and then the afternoons will be lab based projects where we're able to put that knowledge into practice and so at the end of the day the real goal will be to both understand theoretically the challenges and opportunities and also practically to be able to improve implement solutions I'm really excited about this course and really looking forward to having you along thank you

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