Dartmouth Engineering: Mechatronics

so this was a project for engines 1:47 mechatronics mechatronics being the fusion between mechanical electrical engineering a lot of sensors a lot of control theory we were set up it's both here in the machine shop and in the advanced project lab we did most of our mechanical engineering here and most of our software and electrical engineering over there I was working with a group of four people so we all focus on different things the thing that I worked on the most was probably the sensor suite the ants physically the anemometer and the weather vane up at the top so this is the dynamic C named after the programming language we used and because enough our group likes puns that we decided to keep the name it's a autonomous trimaran vessel started life as a catamaran but we discover we need a little more buoyancy than we expected these are the hulls she can actually they were cut out as I said on a milling machine you can see the ridges here where the mill would pass and do individual layers we covered the whole thing in carbon fiber stuck in a vacuum bag to seal the carbon fiber to the deck and then pregnant it with a whole bunch of epoxy and that's the stuff you see here steering systems on the back this is the rudder servo you see here it's linked by these two arms to the rudders rudders our objetive prototyping plastic gps tells us where we are this is wind direction hooked up to that encoder there and this is when its feet mainsail of course is not cloth this is actually a very thin plastic film mostly used for model airplane wings just goes very light but within here there's a whole set of laser-cut wooden beams autonomous movement it's actually the core of the boat making the boat float it's the easy part the hard part is knowing where you are knowing where you want to go and then sometimes the easiest part to figure out how to get from point A to point P

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