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what do I have to do to launch a successful innovation this is a question I often get for managers and the answer is not so simple we search from a lot of factors for successful innovation starting with how you organize your team the innovation culture of your organization how you do the scouting stage of course technology development is important but one factor comes up in all studies and this is being truly customer centric really knowing what customers want and this does not always mean to ask customers what they want but to somehow deploy advanced metrology to find unmet needs of customers to identify the open jobs and this is exactly what we want to do in this class my name is Frank pillar I'm a professor for technology and innovation management at L wth Arkin University one of Germany's premier Institutes of technology in this class builds on a very successful traditional class and teaching since many years CNR and I want to take you into a journey of the innovation process behind me R you see the big picture that will be the structure of this class we'll start in the middle right in the center in the strategy part we'll move to opportunity recognition and then to the front end of innovation we'll also briefly look into the deployment see development stage but actually this is a content of the second class and teaching as part of this program so hope that you will become part of this class and learn with me and your peers what it means to really innovate customer centric you

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