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I think one of the greatest things
that’s happening in Michigan right now is there’s been a focus on connecting
the different main cities and also the urban and rural opportunities that are
across the state when you look at economic development you look at what’s
happening in Detroit and Grand Rapids and Lansing but you also have these
rural remote areas that are tapping into innovation just as strongly they’re
developing rocket engines in the UP right now and if you could blend a life
like that you could live in an area of Michigan that has all of those outdoor
opportunities and you can make components for rocket ships who wouldn’t
want to be there? Michigan is a place where not only do we think big thoughts
and have great ideas but we also execute. We manufacture – that’s in our DNA – but
also innovation is in our DNA. The thing that it takes to bring ideas into the
world it’s not just the creative spark but also the stick-to-itiveness that
make sure that you’re gonna make that idea work to not be discouraged if you
have a minor failure because you’re minor failures stack up to major
breakthroughs and we know that in Michigan in a way that I don’t think any
other state can really testify to it and so that’s what’s in our DNA that’s what
we pour into people who are educational institutions and that’s why our
innovation is really unmatched we’ve been working over in Ann Arbor and
starting to support in the vehicle for drive alert systems so that means
product again working like real in vehicles particles and Alber we know
it arbors very pedestrian heavy a student town so it’s really about you
know decreasing the risk of accidents I’m and supporting motor coach operators
Michigan really has to ride in initiatives in place or just planet Mme
DC you to support startups even startups from abroad like we are we’re based in
London UK we’ve been welcomed with open arms to
really work here deploy a product here and my customers I’ve seen the future
and it’s here it’s happening and it’s alive and it’s well not only here at CES
in Las Vegas but it’s clearly alive and well in Michigan

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