Cruise IQ – What is there to do on cruise line private destinations?

you've got cruise questions and we have the answers coming up on talking cruises hi I'm Chris Cardona I love to answer people's questions about cruising and I invite you to post questions for any of our videos check out the Q&A section at Talking Cruise comm we can post questions at any time we'll pick some of the best questions every week and I'll answer them on a future show it seems like many Cruise Line itineraries include a stop at a private destination these days while mostly found in the Bahamas cruise lines also offer private destinations in Haiti and Belize additionally there are massive cruise ports built by the cruise lines that offer restaurants bars shopping beach areas and pools in Turks and Caicos Dominican Republic and Mexico there are varying facilities on each of the private destinations but generally they offer a nicely groomed beach area with free loungers with some exclusive sections for sweet and VIP guests a complimentary BBQ lunch and available water sports like snorkeling kayaking and jet ski rentals Royal Caribbean has to private destinations Coco kaya Bahamas and Labadee Haiti Coco K is mostly above the beach experience while Labadie has the traditional beaches and lunch they also boast the longest zipline overwater a bobsled style roller coaster and a waterslide Norwegian Cruise Lines harvest Caye in Belize is a sprawling 75-acre destination harvest Cay features a resort style pool with swim up bar ziplining several bars nice beaches and the opportunity to snorkel on one of the largest Barrier Reef's while these private destinations are more about keeping you entertained with less focus on the natural and historical surrounding elements they are a nice way to spend a relaxing day off the ship thanks for watching we'll be back next with more answers to your crews questions don't forget to like this video post your comments and questions and subscribe for more talking cruise you

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