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>>[Background Music] I always
knew I wanted to study drama. When I came to Queen’s as a first year Arts and
Science student I knew right away what I wanted to major in, and what I wanted to do. So it was not a hard decision to pick my major. I have received amazing opportunities on campus, particularly through the drama
department with their work-study program. They have a really great program in the
costume shop where I’ve been working for three years as a work-study student. I spent my first year at
Queen’s at Herstmonceux Castle, which is the Bader International
Study Centre in Herstmonceux, England. When you go to Herstmonceux Castle, as
I did, you actually take your classes in a Fourteenth Century castle,
which is pretty mind blowing. There’s a gorgeous courtyard that
sometimes you have classes in. There’s turrets; there’s stone walls
– this gorgeous backdrop for study.>>I have all good things to
say about my professors in film. Some really genuinely nice people. It’s so wonderful to hear them talk
about the things that fascinate them. I major in film so I take mostly film courses,
however, I am here at university because I love to learn, and I think that it’s a really great
opportunity for me to take courses in things that really interest me that I
know virtually nothing about.>>I have a major in film and media,
and a minor in global development. For me, I really wanted to take drama
because I loved it in high school. But drama and global development conflicted
in my first year, and I kind of decided, oh global development this sounds cool let’s
see what happens, and so I chose it over drama. And I just, actually, I chose it as
my minor out of pure interest sake. If I were to give advice to
my first-year self it would be that the experience at Queen’s
is what you make it.>>Your first year should be about
setting yourself up for success, which is what I’ve tried really hard to do.>>Get involved in other interests, or
try something new, or try something scary. There are so many opportunities, so many
wonderful people, and there’s a lot to learn. And I think I only really took
advantage of that in fourth year.>>But if you really enjoy what you’re learning
while you’re here, and you put yourself fully into life here, then that’s
an incredible experience. [ Music ]

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