Creating customer value with data analytics

just to kick off and I might just ask the panel to just describe where they currently are in their analytics and data and really decisioning journey and thinking about if you could share some perspectives in terms of how you think about where the value is created in that process how you measure that and how you use that to to drive innovation so I might start with you and today if it's okay yep it's like I bet it's like almost three years now three years ago think had they've moved into the marketplace and becomes the number one player in Australia collected ads of scale CV that's scale but all they had done was collect them and they knew that take advantage of those assets the role for me was about how do I match proactively candidates to job ads so that the best candidate for the best job don't pass each other in the night so if we need to if we need to match every ad to every ad every ad today 10,000 ads that come on side to 2 years of history of ads that becomes ten thousand to five million joint becomes billions and billions of comparisons and the reason we do that is to say to candidates how you seem to like this job six months ago 18 months ago 18 months ago I'd like to tell you that there's another job like it today that becomes a big big chunky analytic problem telling higher is that this candidate that you seem to like for whatever reason we can go back into the database and find others like that and that becomes a million million to millions kind of join competes analytics that need to be done in real time these are all products that C could want it to build because the value in the marketplace was putting the best candidate in front of the roll at the right time and also expediate in the hiring process Tyra's for particular roles in marketplace receive hundreds of applications and you know five minutes times hundreds of applications per five minutes per application 100 times becomes a significant amount of time so trying to expediate that process that the horrors look at the right candidate and the candidates who are more than likely to be movable in the market is is a little bit we're trying to create the value is the right candidates also higher as time to expediate that hiring process is is what we're trying to evolve and creating insight on the back of the data so the candidates understands currently I'm a project manager out of all the CVS that we have on file we can actually tell you what skills you need to get to your next role to your next promotion I am excited waves move we can tell you we can get to where you've come from what you'll most likely career pathways are so there's an almost value to be created in that marketplace if you can get the right candidates to those right roles

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