Create a Branching Scenario PowerPoint Template for eLearning

hey this is a follow-up to the overview less than I did on building out character interactions and and this one I want to show you well first up I'm going to be giving you this the source files to this file so that you know but wanted to go through some of the set up that'll save you a lot of headaches and what I learned when I was building out these character interactions so this is in PowerPoint I'll do a few other lessons about PowerPoint as well as some of the other tools but really quickly you just wanted to run through the setup so if I go into the slide sorter view you can see a single scenario is actually a collection of five slides this sixth one is just for more information so we have the base level which is the scenario and then each time you're clicking on one of these choices it's actually taking you to a new slide you're hyperlinking from one slide to the new slide and then the try again button is linking you back so you'll see this is the base scenario feedback for a feedback for B feedback for C feedback for D which was the the correct option so let's get back into the normal view and you'll see I have the selection of visibility pane open and one of the really important things to do when you're working with these character interactions and actually anytime you're doing any authoring and PowerPoint for eLearning is to really name all of the objects that are on the slide it makes your life so much easier when you're dealing with with hyperlinks and objects and layering the other thing you should know is I've broken apart the link from the object so this hyperlink you'll see I've called it link a choice a is actually the TEC of the box that has a text in it link a I put in as a box with a hundred percent transparency and that gives you more flexibility with how you build out your links and it's just easier dealing with with the text and the linking and all of that having them be separate objects another important thing is you'll notice that I have this is all slide title layout so if I go back to it's the title only and actually there's another point I have the the background image in the slide master view so that's that's an important thing but this title only what I do is I push the title up here and for the scenario I have it named one and then for a choice a I have it as one a choice B is 1b 1c for the next one 1 D and that naming is really important when you're dealing with your hyper linking and linking within the document it's easy to get lost and this provides some sort of order for you when you're clicking around the other thing that I do is I don't use the full resolution characters so all of these characters that I have here are scaled down for optimal PowerPoint size which is 7.5 inches tall at 72 dpi I make those available on my site as well you can I can show you how to do a script if you have your own characters and want to want to resize them but that that makes it so your output file size and your your source files will be much smaller and then when you go to swap out an image you're not dealing with a massive file that imports and the 7.5 inches tall is basically it's head-to-toe fullscreen and PowerPoint just so you know the other thing that I do is I use the drawing guides so the other character you don't know how to turn drawing guides on just right click outside of here go to grid guides and then display drawing guides on screen but I know that the old character his head was positioned at the top of this and his feet were at the top of that line so if I turn him around I can know that he should be sized about like that and then get that center line in the middle of his body that that really helps out I also when I build out these scenarios I like to have a more information slide that could just be some slide that I would link to that would have attachments or something like that now when you're layering in the author the authoring tool rapid authoring tool so it could be it could be Adobe presenter or articulate presenter you'll want to strip out all of the the player options because PowerPoint is really doing the navigation of this all so this was an overview on what the set up is I'm going to show you a little bit more on how to make changes in the next lesson there's just too much to do here in in five minutes so hope you found that helpful stay tuned for more lessons

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    Hi! I have tried with two different email addresses to get the branching download, but have not received an email to dl. Can you help?

    June 29, 2019

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