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[ Music ]>>Hello, and welcome to
News Link, I’m Nina Cash. On today’s segment, we’ll
be showcasing the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree
Completion Program offered at Cal State Long Beach. This program is designed for
students who are interested in completing their
undergraduate degree in electrical or
mechanical engineering. Classes are held at the
Lancaster University Center in the Antelope Valley area,
providing unprecedented access to the industry,
including internships with local companies
and organizations.>>This program is for students
who are serious about a career in either mechanical or
electrical engineering.>>I think I would recommend
this program to any mechanical or electrical engineer who’s
interested in obtaining a degree in a small setting,
like, versus going to a large campus
with many students. You can get lost in
the hustle and bustle.>>One of the major reasons
why I picked this program is because I was living in
Lancaster and commuting to Long Beach a couple
of times a week, and it was a major breath
of fresh air just to see that I can have a campus that, instead of being
potentially three hours away with traffic, it’s
10 minutes away. And that was a major motivator
for picking this program.>>My family lives out here. I have a child, I have
a wife, I have a house, so just uprooting everybody
going to another state or another location
is very difficult. I did not want to
drive down below, which I was looking
at that prospect. The other advantage would be
the cohort style of teaching. With the students
staying together, we tend to work together
a lot more which, in the industry today,
teamwork is very important. It’s not like a one-person
kind of deal, and as a team, we get through the
program together.>>Engineering skills
are a commodity. Anybody can teach you that. We are looking at the
integrative skills, being able to pull together
information from more than one class, be able to apply
something that you’ve learned in class to a real-world
application, to be able to work together
with people on a team, to be able to contribute
to a team to help your team achieve
whatever its goals are.>>I am a group lead
within the in-house branch at the Air Force Research
Laboratory focusing on liquid rocket
engine technologies. It was very opportunistic
to bring them on as interns and train them up on the skills
that we need in our field, and since we already had
trained them and they worked out so well, we decided to bring
them on full time as employees.>>And one of the major
motivators I had was that there was such a rich
aerospace industry out here, and being such a small program, I knew there was a greater
chance of being noticed and a chance of networking with
this industry and getting a job versus being on the main campus where there’s literally
thousands of students you’re
competing with. Through this program, I was
able to get an internship at AFRL and, upon graduation, I was able to get a
full-time job offer.>>We look for that
engineering discipline, we look for that
drive and maturity, that analytical capability, and
their ability to communicate. We’ve had a number
of these graduates as interns over the years. They’ve proven that they’re
very adaptable to the type of work that we’re doing.>>I would recommend this to
anybody who wants to have a leg up in the industry because of that teamwork aspect
of the program.>>The reason I like
this program is because it’s industry focused
and full of opportunity.>>My family is very,
very proud of me, and my father has
his PhD in physics. He’s a physicist, so he loves
the fact that his son, oh, my son’s an electrical engineer.>>Thank you for watching
this segment of News Link, and I hope you learned a little
bit more about the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree
Completion Program offered through California State
University Long Beach. I’m Nina Cash. We’ll see you next time. [ Music ]

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