back here at homeless evening a small business that started in a garage in Brantford just a few short years ago is now expected to expand in that town while helping life sciences research all across the nation well it's called core informatics and it got the green light from the state today for that expansion of their company that's helping to find a potential cure for cancer chief political correspondent Mark Davis joins us now live with that story good evening mark yeah hi Anika this is this is really something good evening everyone this is a homegrown company that's really on the cutting edge of the internet and bioscience research this is an automated laboratory experiment working on a potential cure for cancer at the former therapeutics lab in branford the automation is directed by innovative software developed by a company right next door called core informatics jim gregory and anthony russo lifelong pals it grew up in branford started core informatics just down the street a few years ago started in the back of a garage right here behind stop and shop just two of us and nothing but a concrete floor their software analyzes and manages the extraordinary data being developed by biotech and life sciences companies around the world so this is actually your product this is our product this is accessible from any mobile device from the web or the cloud and here biologists can retrieve results for all of their samples from anywhere in the world that they have internet access so what are these does each of these dots are different test tubes so scientists can click into each one of the test tubes see the compound of the chemical structure that's inside of it the software that we designed specifically for form of therapeutics actually automates their process of synthesis and this is what you see in the background today core informatics CEO Josh jebel went to the State Capitol as the state bonding commission approved a two and three-quarter million dollars state loan to help them expand in branford with more space they expect to expand from the current 15 employees to more than 80 in a few short years it's already bigger than I ever imagined and we're only getting going you'll have to excuse me I'm conducting a major medical experiment on my iPhone and you thought Twitter was important isn't it mind-boggling this is actually going on right in our own backyard this company is going to invest five-and-a-half million in the expansion the state about two and three-quarters million it should retain or create a total of about 84 high-paying important jobs in the near future and it all started in a garage behind the stop and shop live from the Hartford newsroom Mark Davis news

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