Core Informatics Joins Thermo Fisher Scientific

corn from attics has been acquired by thermo Fisher Scientific we're so excited because we feel like we've now got the best of all worlds we're gonna remain as an independent business unit so that we can continue to grow and innovate very quickly but now we're part of the world's leader in serving science any way that we can help to make their lives easier in the lab it just frees them to do more and more of what they do best which is just to find great new discoveries create new therapeutics and you know that that makes everybody's lives better the synergy between the existing investments that Cora Maddox is made and the large investments that Thermo Fisher Scientific is made in the cloud are perfect so in the short run our clients should expect business as usual no changes we're gonna continue serving them as we have and then over time as it makes sense we're gonna look to integrate and work together with our new colleagues at demo Fisher Scientific they're building their cloud strategy from the ground up all their instruments and sensors are sending data directly to Amazon Web Services we're platform technologies like corn fur Mattox platform for science can natively harvest that information together to give scientists a more street that seamless user experience it's gonna bring on off a lot of new opportunities for our customers to become even more efficient right and have them really focus on you know what do they do best our customers our scientists our focus has always been on serving our clients and it's exact same thing it's Norma Fisher Scientific and we know that if we help our clients be successful our success will naturally follow Cora max is going to continue to innovate and execute on our roadmap and our strategy bringing new innovation to customers and with the addition of the capabilities from thermo Fisher Scientific world going to be able to add additional value right I guess we hit a finish line but now a new race begins and I'm excited to start it we couldn't have picked a better long-term home for the business

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