Contract Education at SDCE

>>I’m Kay Faulconer Boger. I’m the director of
industry partnerships for the Employee Training Institute. Part of San Diego
Continuing Education Foundation. We provide customized on-site training for
employers and other organizations who have workforce training needs. We have
programs that offer insight and motivation into giving people
self-confidence and recognizing that they have the tools or can obtain the
tools to go forward and be successful. Some of the classes that we’ve been
involved in most recently have included clients of the Housing Commission. People
who are utilizing services provided by subsidized housing, who through one
reason or another are unemployed, unable to support themselves.>>Stephanie: Businesses talk a
lot to us about the lack of soft skills so we wanted to partner with an
organization that’s familiar with our clientele, and can provide an excellent
training program that can help educate our clients and make sure that they can
get the jobs that they want to in the future.
>>Tawana: I now have done three job applications and I went to second interviews now.
Before I didn’t even get a callback so definitely I would say this program has
been a really good.>>Karen: Definitely I would recommend this workshop for anyone
who wants to change their way of thinking, whether it’s for a job or just
applying it to everyday life skills.>>Kay: Other times we have individuals who may
be in a place where their opportunities are fairly limited but they’re looking
towards the future, when they will be able to get out and explore and take on
the world, and we can provide classes that will get them prepared for that
opportunity both in terms of hard skills but also in terms of soft skills.>>Angelia: it’s
free I mean you just got to come here but you got to have the drive to ‘I have
to finish’ you gotta be ready to say you know what I need to complete something.
And once you complete something, you see how much better it is that, you know, I
can do this, and then you go on to doing something else and because you just got
that drive, like, ‘man I’m done’ you know I can do it.
>>Tawana: For me I’m a single mother and I have four children, so when it comes to paying
for school and other things like this. What they’re offering it’s just not an
option for me, so this was such a blessing, like, I was able to do it while
the kids are in school, and I didn’t have to pay for anything so it was a blessing.
It’s truly amazing and it probably changed my life forever.>>Kay: We also have
been doing a series of classes for inmates who are incarcerated at the brig
and Miramar and the brig and Pendleton>>Joe: The beauty this program that we were
able to do is get these individuals skills that they’d normally would not
have received in the Marine Corps depending on their job skills that they
were assigned to while they were enlisted or commissioned officers, like
the HVAC or the plumbing.>>Heather: We have a plumbing class which offers plumbing one
two and three, attached on to those classes they’re also going to get in
OSHA 30 hours certification and their HAZWOPER certification we are also
offering HVAC one and two, which again has the OSHA 30-hour and HAZWOPER
attached to that and we’re also doing small business one and two for our
prisoners.>>If they have nothing that keeps them 1: pre-occupied, 2: gives them a value of
self-worth and actual tangible skill where they can bounce back from their
shortcoming, then odds are they will reoffending again, so we never know, you know,
one day that individual they got released here may be your neighbor my
neighbor anybody’s neighbor, so why not give them what they can to be better
members of society because it’ll not only better them but society as a whole
as well.

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