Connectivity and Security in the Age of IoT

Oh the Internet of Things is anticipated to be ubiquitous in projected smart environments as homes workplaces and communities become more automated the question remains is security being brought to the fore or is it an afterthought are these environments as secure as they are smart IOT is turning homes into smart comfortable and efficient living spaces devices talk to other connected devices so that their functions work together efficiently energy management systems and households save energy and money by optimizing use of electricity left unsecure from existing vulnerabilities and poor authentication these home devices can be abused by attackers to steal data and profile users routers for instance are the gateways to homes without proper device configurations and security the home network is open to compromise mobility is easier with intelligent transportation systems that ensure smooth traffic flow and better travel through the use of technology this allows the public to shorten time spent on the road and makes traveling to work more efficient employing proactive security prevents threats from finding their way to smart car applications and networks for added security cameras and video surveillance are being utilized in private and public spaces however by not changing default passwords and updating the firmware two cameras some even open source are at risk from vulnerabilities and unauthorized reporting operational technology makes physical assets run through a variety of platforms without dedicated security strategies smart factories are prone to business down to it for instance unsecure industrial routers can allow attackers to gain access to machines like robots they can tamper with commands and sabotage the production of it in large scale IOT implementations like smart cities technologies are widely powered by sensors to gather data and work seamlessly with each other environment systems like smart trash cans make waste management more efficient smart kiosks provide easy access to various public services these smart solutions are only some of the promised benefits but what happens when the imagine utopia becomes a dystopian reality IOT presents an abundance of possibilities to help ease day-to-day activities however without prioritizing security IOT becomes open to abuse and possible causes of user compromised the risks include monetary losses and legal concerns a focus on security by design and the security development lifecycle as well as the use of security technologies should protect users while still addressing convenience embracing IOT comes with risks but they can be avoided IOT cyber security should be integral in building smart communities because being secure is being smart you

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    Which is the recommended product from trend portfolio? Safe lock?

    June 27, 2019

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