Connected Vehicle Data Analytics

at GM we've got about 10 million connected vehicles and we made the choice to connect every single vehicle whether a customer pays for honest or not with you know so many of the challenges and issues coming about with privacy we're trying to craft the language and be purposeful about that licensing implies that there is legal there's information security there's privacy monetizing or selling sound like anybody come by data right and that's not what we're doing we just want to be completely transparent so that people say ok hey I don't mind them sharing because I'm getting some good out of it there you're getting some good out of it and we can both win as we have more electric vehicles we're topping that department identify word of place charging stations based upon driving patterns and congestion and those sorts of things so using insights about how people drive can be very useful in areas like Detroit potholes are terrible particularly in the wintertime and what if we were to offer as part of our OnStar hey watch out there's a pothole in the left lane so this is just yet another way that we can use information in an anonymized fashion to help customers and that's doing the public's I'm good with the data

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