Computer Engineering Technology program

– No two days are ever the same. There’s always different
changes, different hiccups, different things that come along that… No two days are boring
or anything like that. There’s always some variety. – Geomatics is an interesting occupation. It’s a bit of a adventure, you know, as far as the survey side is concerned, what we do is we go out there
and we find lost evidence, we find buried evidence, and we collect a selection of this evidence,
and we reproduce a plan that may have been drawn
a hundred years ago. – I like surveying and I like using GIS. I like being outside
collecting RTK and static GPS. I like collecting data in
the field and being outside. I think they give you –
with your capstone project – they give you the
opportunity to work with the upcoming technologies so
you can get that sort of mix of technology that you
see in the industry. Having that co-op mixed
with the fieldwork, mixed with the academic work, that blend I think was
really what attracted me. – We’re a small program, so everybody becomes a tight knit group. Lots of assignments you work with partners and then groups, and you
can work with anybody, and nobody will say no to you, and everybody helps each other out, because everybody wants
everybody to succeed. Since I like challenge, and I like to see projects go from nothing
to a finished project, I think I want to stay in
the civil engineering firm, possibly become a project manager and manage my own projects. – I like the outdoors so
you’re not stuck inside the four walls of a room and just doing the same job every single day. But when you’re outside in the world, in the bushes or anywhere outside, you see a new place every single day. The best part was the co-opting. You get paid to do the job,
so when you’ll be walking out of this program after you’ll graduate, you’ll have a whole year of
experience in the workforce. – Are you the kind of
person who wants to go over the hill just to see
what’s on the other side? That is essentially what Geomatics is: discovering, learning new things.

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    Do you offer Bachelors in Electrical Engineering as well?

    November 16, 2019

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