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computer science is a very broad field it's not just constrained to in just developing an app computer science really at its core is about solving problems with the education here at IU South Bend they really teach you how to break problems apart and solve them and using software as a tool to help you solve those problems informatics is computer science that's focused towards a particular field of study really a difference between informatics and computer science is that when you're dealing with informatics you have the option of choosing a specialized area that you can actually learn about wild learning computer science if you're working with biologists on a database you would have to know about biology or if you're working with physicists you would have to know something about physics my favorite part of the computer science department is being able to work with professors even from my first semester here I was able to work on research projects with professors they have small classes the professors are very knowledgeable and very willing to work with the students I've had numerous opportunities to work with professors outside of class and they were always available and very helpful the main thing that I have found here is that you get the hands-on approach you'll learn everything practical more than just the textbook learning you'll learn everything by doing it if you want to do an internship with a local company for example you can do that through an internship class during my internship I got a lot of actual practical experience and learned a lot about the process of developing software which you know went far beyond just studying in an academic sense I've had four internships – at the Department of Energy one at the University of Notre Dame and an additional one of the Department of Defense there's like a wide wide range of things that you can do with this degree I have colleagues that are doing website development colleagues that are building out research applications for researchers at Notre Dame I have colleagues that are doing game development all the courses that I took care nearly opened my eyes and I came to know more about different areas in computer science itself with a degree in computer science from from IU South Bend you can kind of go whichever way you want I'm about to graduate and I have three job offers according to CNN money the number one top best job in America is Software Architect video game designer as number two number eight is database developer number nine is information assurance analyst in fact for the top ten jobs in the list or computer science related

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