Comarch IoT Platform

There are over 3 billion people connected in the network Using nearly 6 billion devices By 2020, there will be 26 billion devices Connected to the Internet That means a completely new era That will transform the way we live Do business and look into the future We are all surrounded by devices Connected in a global network They generate data Collect it Communicate And produce a vast number of information That drives intelligence everywhere Empowering business to build The next generation of products and services That make our life easier Market Analysts say That the IoT market Will grow rapidly within the next 5 years A $6 trillion investment in IoT Will generate $13 trillion by 2025 So how can you be a part of the IoT world? Use our scalable, flexible and secure IoT Platform That links: Real life and virtual reality Physical products with digital business infrastructure Connected devices with mobile services Create with us your business model Connecting people and technology for Smart living Smart workflow Smart traveling Smart city We believe it will change our lives Giving us more time for things that really matter Let’s do it together You choose things that really matter Processes that have a significant impact on Businesses and organizations We provide The technology Knowledge And experience We close the gap between people and technology

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