Cognitive computing concepts

your brain is a powerful processor that can acquire skills through the experiences and senses and create ideas by applying complex cognitive processes cognition is the process of acquiring knowledge through thoughts experiences and senses cognitive processing helps us to understand and interact with the world around us from the basic to the very complex and what is artificial intelligence a thinking machine a robot not exactly it describes machines that can do specific tasks like voice recognition and autonomous driving we can call this weak artificial intelligence in other words machines that do only what they're programmed to do to improve specific tasks the future goal is to create strong artificial intelligence that learns like a human and can solve human type problems cognitive computing is among the sub disciplines that shape artificial intelligence it combines in a single system human capabilities like imagination and emotion with machine capacities like pattern identification and the ability to handle massive amounts of data such a system is ideal to interact with an increasingly complex world where people are looking more and more for personalized information 24 hours a day a connected world that produces ever more information these machines process huge structured data sets but big data is much more than that it is also unstructured data like word processing documents videos photos audio presentations webpages social media interactions and many other kinds of content unstructured data is not contained in a regular database and it's growing exponentially currently making up about 80% of all data in the world cognitive systems can ingest millions of pages of text and apply question and answering technology allowing people to ask and get almost instantaneous answers to complex questions combined with other application programming interfaces api's question-and-answer technology distinguishes itself from conventional search that is triggered by keywords by using natural language api's are delivered on an open cloud-based platform on which developers can infuse cognitive into digital applications products and operations by using one or more of the available AP is in the cognitive computing model all these concepts are combined to free users from needing to be experts in cognitive methods to allow them to focus on creating a better solution cognitive computing allows people to more effectively use the power of computing to both solve day-to-day challenges and to tackle the world's greatest challenges

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