Clinical Informatics: So Much Data, So Little Time

the world of pharmaceutical development is rapidly evolving generating more complex and disparate kinds of data using different methods from an ever-increasing number of clinical trials worldwide in this fast-paced environment you cannot afford to spend precious time manually aggregating such information to gain the critical insights you're looking for you need a solution that allows you to analyze data quickly and easily based on expertise across all phases of clinical development so you can make the kinds of informed fast-paced decisions that make or break a clinical trial welcome to PerkinElmer informatics for clinical development our solutions integrate data across the development lifecycle then present that data as clear visual informatics using the industry leading clinical analytics platform TIBCO Spotfire so you have a complete picture of your pipeline in real time so whether it's leveraging biomarkers for clinical trials improving patient enrollment and retention or better interpreting the constant influx of clinical data or managing your portfolio of clinical candidates for accurate prioritization capacity management and decision making leveraging resources more intelligent with risk-based monitoring and ensuring that individual studies stay on budget on time and fully supplied PerkinElmer informatics provides enterprise-level solutions that empower you to make meaningful data-driven decision dramatically reduce the costs associated with clinical development and guide new drugs and devices to market faster you don't have to navigate this process alone our team of consultants has decades of informatics experience that will help you increase your clinical development speed and agility this is clinical informatics built for the enterprise and designed for the future of Medicine

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