Climate Change | Wind Power – Abi Stories Episode 4 | Eli Kids Educational Cartoon

Hm … Professor Koby Morning Officer Carter The proper way to travel is on a road not through the trees Sorry I have to get to school The British invented roads you know Well I can’t sit here all day Fiddlesticks Seems like we’ve been waiting forever No longer than that we’re like forever plus one I gotta do something or I’m gonna lose my mind If you do lose it I’ll help you find it Even this is boring Hey, I wanna try that! Yippee I oh, class! Is everybody ready for their first lesson? I was ready ten minutes ago! Today we will
discover how Wind Island began Many years ago, the planet Earth, which is
where our families came from, got very hot How hot? So hot that the Earth started melting One very smart man named Truman Hope tried to warn everyone Science has
proven that our world is heating up and we need to do something! But the person who represented all of the world leaders Raised his thumb in the air and said “I
don’t believe it” The water continued to rise But he still said ‘I don’t believe it’ Finally, once the entire planet was under water he admitted that Maybe he does believe Just a little bit The human saved themselves from the
global disaster But the animals got left behind Truman Hope knew it was the wrong thing to do So he stayed behind and helped the animals by creating Wind Island Truman was smart enough to figure out how to use wind power to launch the island into the air Over time, the animals became smarter and smarter They worked together
to build a wonderful community Well that’s all for today, if there are
no questions you can go Abi has a question Whatever happened to Truman Hope? He passed away many many many many years ago But we honor and celebrate all that he has done for us every day If that is the last question, class is dismissed Will the Island ever run out of energy? Never! That is why we are so thankful for
the wind, it provides us with infinite energy Any more question? um … No, that’s all I think today was my most
favorite lesson ever Thank you, Wind

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