Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi: Middle East ICT Innovation award winner 2016

we feel very proud because we start from scratch two years ago this can be a very hard work of many people involve many teams this is not an Institute work even not an her Department is a white hospital work and we feel very proud of being here as a referral is in this wonderful Wars okay all practical medical practice can be with mistakes so our main contribution is to put together all the information when it comes to administrate blood to be sure that the right blood is for the right patient to reduce to zero the possibility of mistakes and what motivated this transformation was really putting all the systems that we have in the hospital together and making them work coherently and seamlessly across our whole IT environment going going back to the original essence of seamless communication across all systems with our lab system and our electronic medical record ensuring that the information passed seamlessly between systems and we are monitoring how many orders faces an order are placed within the guidelines due to the BP system alerts we have and also how the blood administration is done perfectly according the system to reduce zero our risks you

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