Classroom experience leads to job in electrical engineering field

[ Music ]>>My name is Amanda Fletcher and I graduated
from Electrical Engineering Technician Power. [ Music ] I knew I wanted to do something hands on. After researching a couple
of different colleges, Mohawk came up as the number
one for skilled trades. My dad was an electrical engineer
and my mom was a mechanical engineer. I always helped my dad around the house. So, I went to electrical engineering because
that’s what interested me and what I love doing. I knew I wanted to definitely do
something technical and support. And just anything that would keep me
up with the ever changing technology.>>So, of course, they’re looking for
technical experience and knowledge, but we find that industry’s also very interested in what was called soft skills
or transferable skills. Design projects, an opportunity for
students to demonstrate all of those skills. So, some of our industry partners will
see a skill set that they feel they need and at the end of the day, I’m always
happy to receive an email from one of our industry partners inviting a list
of students to submit their applications to a personal or private email within the firm.>>The role of career advancement with the
capstone is to really work them towards that end product of presenting to the
industry judges, because a lot of students, I mean most people, don’t really
like presenting to people. [ Music ]>>Because of the presentation I did at the end
of my semester 4, there was a panel of judges and Gerrie Electric had a
representative on that panel of judges. And I got an email from my
instructor saying I had an opportunity to do an interview with Gerrie Electric. That led to my position here. I had a job before I graduated. [ Music ]

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