CK121 Psychology and Computing at University College Cork

at first glance you might wonder why would I study the combination of psychology and computing isn't computer science all about software development computer networks maths and algorithms and isn't psychology the study of how people feel think and behave you might be surprised to learn that psychology and computer science are two disciplines growing more dependent on each other with each passing year long gone are the days when computers were only used to carry out work technology now touches every aspect of our lives it's in the cars we drive the smart phones in our pockets in our medical devices and in our bus tickets it impacts how we sleep how we eat how we keep in touch with friends and family and how we learn in order to build technology that can improve our lives we must first understand people our abilities our behavior and the things that we value of course the close collaboration between psychologists and technology designers isn't new for example our understanding of human perception and cognition is applied directly to the design of car dashboards airplane cockpits and computer operating systems we understand the types of things that people find difficult to do and design systems that are less likely to cause distraction confusion and errors on the other hand many of the recent advances in our study of the brain are made possible by computers through physiological sensing and brain imaging hopefully by now it's clear because psychologists and computer scientists now work so closely together technology continues to advance and become an integral part of our lives through studying psychology and computing at University College Cork you will be uniquely well prepared to work in psychology computing design or any one of the many exciting fields that until recently existed only in our imaginations

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