Chris Berquist describes the progression of technology used and outlines search parameters.

so I just wanted to let folks know on how far we've come in our ability to accurately search for Amanda and so what we started with was a hand-drawn map that the fire department and PD were working with at this point to effectively run thier search and a legal pad this was day one for us and also day one and to one of our searchers who is still with us at this time his wife and he put together these printouts for us and so we were giving these to people trying to let them know where to go and that's how we evolved into the tracking he overlaid his travel data with his phone and then all the light bulbs kind of went off and we realized that we can start tracking things we didn't realize the scope that we were gonna be able to use that into yet but we did realize that that would be very valuable and then we had a meeting with PD and Fire Department and they were able to give us a very detailed and an up-to-date map that they were using so they were using that in conjunction with their I call it the pirate map and this was just that because they didn't have a topo or a grid they were able to overlay in the known area where they were working over with this terrain map because this terrain map doesn't really show you much other than a satellite image of treetops but it gives you reference points of the reservoirs and the roads in the pasture so this was extremely helpful this was a goldmine for us but we got this fire department so thank you guys very much for that that was a game changer after we had been using this for a day or two we finally realized that we could take the tracking data a little bit further and because we have a mobile tracking data company helping us back in Maryland at this point they were able to stitch together clods for us quadrants for us and overlay our tracking data onto that and so we started actively tracking our folks with a cell phone app when they would go out and these are saturation lines that you can see and then we progress that even a little bit more two days later on to our big screen here and now we can bring that in as tight as we want within about a meter and a half and so now I can see where it's sending folks and when we moved onto this platform now as soon as folks come back into camp they're able to upload the data we bring that in about five minutes later it gives me a much more accurate map to work folks off of the red lines that you're seeing or where all the tracking dogs have been the blue lines that you're seeing or where we've sent hikers and so as you can see we have covered a pretty extensive zone here this yellow line around the perimeter is a one-mile perimeter around where men's vehicle is found there in the center so we were using that as a reasonable search area and then we expanded out into the node trail systems and so you see we have good coverage up on the east and west loop trail areas and all down the ravines and so this is how we were tracking our data for the next several days and it was very helpful we could pull out a 3d feature and that allowed us to go in and check out the terrain and the gulches and really give us a accurate idea of why folks were missing certain areas just because you see a blank spot on here we do still have some folks in the field right now covering some areas we also have some data that hasn't been uploaded yet today the light blue lines that you're seeing are drone flight paths so that was really helpful for checking out areas we couldn't get into right away and now we've progressed that even a little bit more and we're consulting with the rescue agency on the west coast out of the goodness of their heart they're helping us out because they want to help saves people and they're helping us prioritize areas that they feel like we should be searching based strictly on terrain statistics of people that they found in the past what we know about Amanda and her likelihood to be certain places leaving out the emotional side of it and the social network side of it amazing is strictly on data that we can pull in at that point for travel ability

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  1. Marcos Mota said:

    You sir are a pro and have amazing speech skills, and is refreshing to see someone work so hard to make progress on on her search. I take back my lack of hope.

    May 23, 2019

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