Chemical Engineering

I decided to come to the University of Birmingham
primarily due to its location. It’s very convenient for me seeing as I live nearby
to come off the train and straight into the department. On top of that I find that the
actual atmosphere inside the department is very friendly and very approachable. Lecturers
are willing to talk to you and solve any problems you have. The department is well-established and well-known
within industry so it’s good for employers. The academic staff here are mostly world-leading
or UK-leading. The course is accredited with the Institute of Chemical Engineers which
is very important for becoming a Chartered Engineer. The open plan atrium means that it’s very
easy to socialise with other year groups and meet even postgrad reps to undergraduates
so it’s a very nice department, a very nice layout, which means that it’s a very nice
feeling for me to actually be in the department where I find myself happy to be here. Outside of the department I really like the
campus, it feels quite tight-knit, it’s really beautiful so lovely views in the morning
to wake you up for lectures and I really like that the Halls of Residence are quite close
and again, the students live in such a close tight-knit community, even though there’s
thousands of them. The social side of Chemical Engineering at Birmingham is very lively.
There’s about 80 to 100 people per year and there’s four years, undergraduate and
there’s also postgraduate students, so most events that we run are quite busy with up
to 150 students attending. Examples of events that we run is the Christmas Ball. This Ball
is heavily sponsored by Exxon Mobil so it reduces the price of our ticket and gives
us good entertainment. There are a lot of options available regarding
what you want to take part in. It’s a very friendly atmosphere where you can either start
up your own society such as I started a Dodgeball tournament with the Halls of Residence as
well as the departmental students. Now it was very easy to set this up and I find there
are a lot of options available whether you want to start a society or whether you want
to take part in a society. We also run an industrial dinner which is
very popular. We have between 15 to 20 companies attending this and it’s really useful because
you choose which company you’d like to sit with and then you get to talk to the people
that are most likely going to interview you when you apply for a job with them. Myself,
I attended a couple of years ago and got a job from it working for Pepsi-Co so I met
the person that then subsequently interviewed me.

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  1. Hector Vesalius said:

    Are Further Pure modules in Maths still preferred if Mechanics modules aren't taken?

    December 24, 2015

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