Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (MSc), DTU

Right now I’m writing my master thesis and it’s about trying to derive a mathematical model for a single droplet
drying when there is entrapped air inside and I’m doing it in collaboration with SPX, which is a company based in in Søborg and then with DPC Danish Polymer Centre. I really love it. I think it is great that you can couple math with an industry problem so whatever problem they have at Topsøe or SPX or wherever. I like that you couple math with some chemistry so trying to optimize a production or trying to figure out how to do a production or that sort of thing with temperature and pressure. Whether it´s in paint or in fluid dynamics or whatever else it might be I just like when I can apply math to a certain problem. I have had a lot of different courses. Some of them are more process-oriented trying to scale a process or figure out which units to place where and what units to have in a certain factory or whatever, and then I have had some courses in mathematical modelling. And then I had some biochemical courses.
Most of them that I had were with bioprocess engineering, so trying to scale a biologically based plant when there is enzymes and stuff in the place, how to scale it in that case. I think I have always known that I wanted to have some math in whatever it was that I was doing, and then when I started here at DTU, I thought I was going to be a chemist like a real chemist in the lab. However, as time went by I figured out that I needed some more math, so it has not always been my dream, but now it is my dream.

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