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I've been working on content computing for almost 20 years and it for many years it was basically a physics experiment but now we're at a different stage where more and more excellent engineering is needed in reality Q tech here in the Netherlands they are experts in all things quantum it's a very natural partnership where we bring our fabrication expertise here they bring their quantum expertise and together we co optimize orko design for quantum computing what I'm holding here is tangle Lake this is our 49 superconducting qubit quantum processor and this is a first step towards a quantum computer a phone a computer will not look like a classical computer this is a machine that's gonna look like no other that we don't you know you can't just take a quantum processor chip and plug it into an already general quantum computing system we have to really have take a systems approach to quantum computing because we have to build the whole computing system what we are trying to do is we are trying to fundamentally create a different type of computer and where we are using the properties of fundamental properties of quantum mechanics to make computers where we are not only focusing 0 and 1 we are using zeros than one at the same time we're currently making a spin qubit device at our 300 millimeter Factory and Hillsboro Oregon and we're shipping those devices here for analysis speak Hubert's have several advantages they are very compact if we were to cram them together in a square millimeter there will be space for 1 billion spin qubits also their states are very long-lived compared to other qubit types and finally they are relatively robust in the sense that they can operate that ever so slightly higher temperatures then the lowest temperatures needed for some other qubits implementations endless is really unique in the sense that it can integrate billions of transistors on a single chip now imagine that those transistors can all hold a qubit that's rectly it gives us the promise that that we can scale up to millions or even beyond so there's really no better system than a quantum computer that we would use to understand Sciences such as biology such as chemistry medicine how to design drugs how to treat for cancer with quantum computing we have a goal of changing the world but changing the world takes time we still think that we're about 10 years away from something that will affect your life or mine I think the principles of quantum computing are very very solid in this lab we don't question quantum mechanics we we evidence quantum mechanics every day for me it's not a question of if one can process information with quantum mechanics it's the challenge of integrating a complete system which let me emphasize begins with a quantum chip but includes a whole lot of non quantum elements as well I was born at the tail end of the Apollo missions at the tail end of the space race and this feels like my generation space race you

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