Certifications for Informatics Pharmacist ft. Corrinne, Sam, and Dennis

what's going on guys you got another video with our three special guests here we got Korean Sam and Dennis what about having the clinical experience in our field like how do you feel about individuals in the informatics profession should you go for like credentialing like BCPs is it needed what would what do people care is it is it important and is it important for us to stay on top of guidelines like what do you think about that well as the only non BCP I know but I think it depends if you're on ecology I think they would want to see you know for you to have that respect amongst your peer group the people who you are trying to convince or convey a certain idea it's important to have that be cop in DCPS to say that you can speak in those terms if you're an ID you need to I think had that BCPs maybe that a qid that's coming from mr. Brian here they're retiring that they terminate me Camille nothing really cool to to to have that respect amongst your group and you know but for me there's not an automation specific and honestly most of my day isn't isn't the clinical aspects of drugs that's how to distribute drugs so my peer group and in my end users are not necessarily the ones that I need to convey clinical experience not to say that I don't have any boss almost all of it so I party good thing wait let me ask you a question if you were to have board certification in automation would be like BC ATC oh man that's so that was fun I survived board certification in the pharmacy operations boom because it doesn't just automation is off is you know what we do as pharmacist primarily it's distributed offense pharmacy in the becken which is warehousing it's just Johnny Amazon warehouse Board Certification Amazon services so the thing that Dennis point out is mainly respect that seems like the hallmark relation what you're arguing for you guys feel the same way as a respect or equal otherwise that things definitely respect I think a lot of people even farm sit there like Oh was just died a pharmacist and so when they see that oh yeah the commas after your names I go eat or she is just as clinical with me and it's sad that we've got that point that you know credentialing makes people feel sort of wait but that's what we are today so sometimes it makes a conversation bulb is smoother knowing that everyone is on the same level and everybody has same expectations even though it really should be like that with all that I think your first question it is important that farm system all foxes informatics included continue to keep your clinical skills you know I didn't remember ten years at lisinopril you know I I need to remember that you know and so that was really one that configuring medications and so we don't stay up to date and we don't know that the the newest dialogue has changed a certain record or medication is no longer really adjusted or something like that we need to make sure that we're proactive and those changes so that we can make sure that the frontline is behaving the way we want them to behave cuz we're always gonna defer to you're gonna have your your subject matter experts and all your different area matter which which one your focus on and you're gonna be the Fulton to them for her being on top of some of the guidelines but I think in general knowing where pharmacies going what types of meds are in the overall general mechanism of action is you know special agents or special routes of administration those are things that we always need to be aware of it there is a new a new way that you're going to have an on body mechanism for a drug I think that's where we need to be able to to know about that and also they know about the I mean think about the logistics of how is that gonna be delivered how repackaging that how we distribute exact patients things like that there's a difference between a preservative free and what's it go in your eye which should not go in there I have some question about popularity submits let's let's ask one more question we're kind of in this video we just talked about BCPs what about other certifications like what other certifications do you think an informatics pharmacist might want to obtain you know to certify their expertise is there any or is it just for certification or you just are you talking specifically about clinical expertise of expertise and you've done in general because I think the a SHP or the board certifications are available out there if if you're in that area of your work in cardiology you can get the cardiology want if you're working ID'd you know I think there's more general ones that maybe you're hinting at that's the CPM CMS which is the certification that's more of a general informatics certification but no one here is CA or CPM oh yeah CPM nobody well from what I understand that that could be sure could not be true but it is a more of a managerial credit test you take less so about the principles of informatics and so hopefully and I was saying that was a little bit more about this than I do but future certifications coming out at emia which is American Medical Informatics Association might be more appropriate from the clinical aspects that we deal with right right and that's the navigation it was a lot they put the other really preserves the task force to put together the examination I think thing be available next year for all informatics types to test for it so I think that's to probably be the full standard for after massive for those who are looking for that additional credentialing and I anticipate a lot of people taking it again we're very specialized however there's diligent on principles that we go there is a question that came up in AASHTO asked here about whether or not is HP in addition to a meal one whether a SHP should have their phone like Informatics board certification that was a hot babe right I actually was against it but what do you guys think about that well you know stuff up it's definitely something that I think we've considered and different to bring upon individuals within our field have come looked at to see whether or not there's the me in and whether or not we have to really have this over the breath to be able to have just a certification for from medication informatics and and I think it's still a pretty a pretty common opinion that we have our clinical specialties within the pharmacy area and then there are still those diplomatic credentials and certification stuff over will be interesting to see I think as as we get further along and it becomes a because it's still growing feel that we get more and more individuals within our specialty to see whether or not we end up getting more fat that demand before having a certification just for pharmacist so I will answer this as definitively unknown and you know but I'll give my reasons why well we can't have I think a SHP sponsored version number one of the implement for you to have a board certification you really need to have a lot of evidence-based practice guidelines for what we do and you know as ID pharmacist of the critical care pharmacists how you treat sepsis is the same or should be the same regardless of the institution where you're at but the issue of Informatics pharmacists is that your day to day will differ greatly based on what institution on whether it on epic Cerner all scripts medic Athena health whatever systems and and so if you consider your board certification as a minimal level competency you can be totally epic confident and go to a certain site and be completely incompetent in your job despite having a certification like that and and yes we can touch upon basic principles we can touch about all these general informatics concepts none of that I applies if you can't do your basic job which is highly dependent on the EMR that you use the technologies that you interface with if you're using Omni cell versus Pyxis versus actually dose and so I would say no from the kshv perspective I think there's opportunities for a Mia which you know as an organization of covers all all potential informatics practices that they festival for appropriate but I think if you look too closely into just pharmacy our practices are just crazy by Virgil all right think we kind of wrap up this video probably a little longer than expected definitely a lot longer than I expected like 10-15 minutes but alright so we'll probably jump into another video but if you guys have questions for these guys definitely hit up I have them shoot them a message ask them questions what's the thing you do this there you go guys hey guys thanks for tuning in and watching the video if you like the content definitely hit the impro RX button over to your left to subscribe and definitely check out more videos over here to your right now as always if you have questions comments and even better suggestions for future videos definitely let me know in the comments below otherwise until next time guys

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