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information and communication technologies impacts in almost every aspect of our lives at work at home and Italy and there are now over five million people in Europe working in ICT jobs but the ICT profession is still very much in its infancy when we look back at the last 40 years we can observe that ICT has completely transformed the world but it's fair to say that the ICT profession other way it's organized has not evolved at the same level of speed we're at the point in time where maturing the ICT profession is the only way forward to address these concerns the European Commission launched a research project to investigate the profession and to propose the European framework for ICT professionalism this work was undertaken by the innovation value Institute and the Council of European professional informatics societies when we looked at the building blocks of other professions we identified four key areas bodies of knowledge competencies education training and ethics but our proposal tackles these same four areas when we look at other professions every engineer has to understand a defined body of knowledge every medic has to understand a defined body of knowledge every lawyer must understand a defined body of knowledge we don't have that in ICT one of our findings is the need for organizations to align against a common ICT competence model and this will really help in terms of transparency of competences within organisations across companies and across regions ICT is very dynamic probably more so than any other profession and if professionals want to remain competitive then strategies for lifelong learning are key professional ethics are fundamental for example we all want to have confidence that our personal data secure different stakeholders and countries are at different levels of maturity in order to make progress much greater levels of engagement are required and the value proposition each stakeholder has to be clear I'd like to think that when we look back in five years time we'll be real genuine sense of pride in being an ICT professional I don't think that's always the case today I think this project that is just completed actually is a real step in the right direction further information is available from the project website you

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