CCD Dental Hygiene – Bachelor of Applied Science

– So the Bachelor of Applied
Science or BAS Program here at the Community College of Denver is designed to assist Associate level or Certificate level dental hygienists to earn their Bachelor’s degree. The Community College of Denver decided that they wanted
to offer the BAS Program in Dental Hygiene as an
opportunity for our graduates and other graduates across
the state of Colorado to earn the Bachelor’s degree. Once the doors had closed at the University of
Colorado Dental School, there wasn’t an opportunity for hygienists within the state of Colorado
to earn that Bachelor’s degree. – The opportunity that we have to offer this degree completion program has been like a shot of adrenaline to the students and to the faculty and staff. It’s re-energized people. Our Associate degree
program is phenomenal. We do a great job. We have outstanding
clinical board results, outstanding national board results. We’ve got top-notch faculty
that teach with us now. – The BAS Program in Dental Hygiene at the Community College of Denver is a completely online program. From the time you put in your application, which will be submitted electronically, through all the coursework,
getting ready for graduation, everything will be conducted online. We will ask our candidates to come in and do a live session where
we have an orientation just to make sure that
we’re all comfortable with the computer aspects,
their technology works, they understand what library
options we have to search for materials because there will be a large component of research
to investigate programs and what evidence we
have for dental hygiene, different things like that, and then, one to get to know each
other because these students will have to interact online
as part of their coursework. So we would like them
to have an opportunity to meet face to face at
least once before they go off and work on their computers
at home, at night, and on the weekend so they have a name and a face that they can put together. I’d like to invite all
the dental hygienists who have an Associate’s
degree who are interested in expanding their career opportunities, earning a Bachelor’s degree,
seeing what else is out there, to contact me, and let’s get started on the application process here at the Community College of Denver.

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