CCC – University of Washington – Ubiquitous Computing Lab

at the University of Washington I direct the ubiquitous computing research lab where computer science and electrical engineering lab focused on hardware and software solutions to really solve interesting and socially meaningful applications a lot of our projects very much focus on having something that will be useful to the world as opposed to purely developing something for developments sake one of the major focuses in our lab is sustainability sensing so in particular we are looking at how to give homeowners information about not just how much energy they are consuming but exactly where that energy is going and uses computer science machine learning and signal processing to this deal down what the device is running in your house at that moment we can provide people actionable feedback on what they could do to reduce the energy consumption another area focus for us is in health sentencing and so the idea behind this is how can we use computing technologies to really have an impact in the health health space so one example is a project called spiral smart so spira smart is a mobile phone based application that turns the phone into a spirometer so a spirometer is a device that measures lung function so if individual has asthma or any other pulmonary ailment what you do is you do a lung function test these are fairly expensive device and so we've done is built a software solution on a mobile phone what uses the microphone as a sensor all the data that spirals much is collecting and the users are testing goes to this interface and the doctors are able to track how patients lung function is tracking all the time so the vision of this health sensing research is really trying to reduce the cost of health care but also increase the quality of healthcare this research is important because it really shows what the impact of what computer science and electrical engineering can have on people's daily lives

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