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Hello all this is Vishwas from welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i will brief you the career opportunities in Nano Technology The science and technology of minute things,
especially ones which are less than 10nm is known as nanotechnology. Working with structures
which fall between 1 to 100nm size is nanotechnology. New materials and
devices for various fields in Nano-range are achieved with the help of nanotechnology.
Construction of items from the foot by employing state of the art tools and techniques
to obtain high performance products is another clear meaning for nanotechnology.
Nanotechnology is utilized in medicine, electronics field, food industry and more. There are plenty courses in Nanotechnology
where a few of them include B.Sc. (nanotechnology) Bachelor of science in nanotechnology,
B.Tech (nanotechnology) Bachelor of technology in nanotechnology,
M.Tech (nanotechnology) Master of technology in nanotechnology, and M.S. (nanotechnology)
Master of Science in nanotechnology. All these courses are offered
by all certain engineering colleges and other reputed colleges in India. Being one spot lit field, noteworthy improvement
is found in nanotechnology. When career options are considered, nanotechnology
graduates possess multiple opportunities in health care industry research,
environment industries, medical, entrepreneurial, product development, communication
and media and plenty more. For public sector department, the salary for nanotech
graduates start from 20,000 to 30,000. In the same manner experienced professionals
can gain one lakh per month. For students who desire to pursue their nanotechnology
course abroad, can accomplish so, as there are plenty universities abroad
which offer nanotechnology courses. Each university in USA, Germany and other leading
countries can be checked through websites for their eligibility criteria, fees
structure and more details. Distance education for nanotechnology can also be enrolled in
certain universities in India. The global Open University is one university which offers
distance education. In the same manner online diploma courses are also available from BioLim
research and educational trust. For online courses, online diploma in applied
nanotechnology, and advanced diploma in applied nanotechnology are a few courses. The field nanotechnology is being promoted
by the government of India and various job opportunities are available for ones who desire
to work in the government sector. Few government jobs are  Scientists jobs at nanotechnology application
center at Allahabad  Central university Jharkhand  Central scientific instruments organization,
Chandigarh  National chemistry laboratory, Pune  National physics laboratory, New Delhi  Nano mission, department of science and
technology, New Delhi There are several nanotechnology companies
in India, where gaining a job in these fields can be a perfect choice for nanotechnology
graduates. Few companies that recruit nanotech graduates are  Adnano technologies  Auto fibre craft  Avansa technology and services  Bottom up technology corporation  Kerala minerals and metals  Nano green technologies  Nano beach  Nano bio medicals  Nanoshel  Neo-ecosystems  Nano Xpert technologies  Quantum corporation and plenty more. The site is a beneficial
site for fresh graduates and job questers. The site offers complete details
about job hunt for any specific field. The eligibility, criteria and methodology for
job hunt can be read clearly in the site. The application procedure for government jobs
and applying for private jobs can also be achieved through this web site. Hence making
use of this site for nanotechnology related job search can be beneficial. we will be back with more such videos please stay connected with us and also do not forget to hit the subscribe button


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