Campus Management uses Dynamics 365 for Higher Education

Higher education institutions are complicated. And increasingly, they are looking outside
higher education and looking at other companies to understand how they can run more efficiently,
how they can adopt best practices. But at the end of the day, there are certain
things that are specific to higher education and the number of things that surround the
constituent. Data has to reflect the uniqueness that represents
students or learners. And that’s why we are collaborating with Microsoft
because as we started to look at where we wanted to build our solutions, Microsoft made
it clear that they wanted to build a extension within their Common Data Model that is relevant
to the higher education industry. Now, Campus Management is built on Microsoft
technology, we extend Microsoft products, we run on Azure. But for us to really present something to
the industry that resonates, that’s meaningful, and will drive true value, it has to be open. That’s just a given in this industry. And Microsoft’s willingness to take our input
along with other partners and institutions to define and build out a common model is
really significant and opens up the entire value proposition of Microsoft to the industry. For Campus Management, the value of the Dynamics
365 Accelerator is to provide a foundation for our applications. You know, we want to build higher-ed specific
features and functions that deliver IP. We want to build an eco-system that’s relevant
to the higher education industry and by using the Accelerator, it does exactly what it’s
name implies. It enables us to accelerate the innovation. We think it will do the same thing to the
industry and institutions out there once they start utilizing it. The combination of the Power platform, Dynamics
365, and the Accelerator is really enabling Campus Management to bring a next generation
set of features and functions to the market that are highly relevant, and we think it
addresses the modern problem facing institutions today. I personally am tremendously excited about
delivering what I think is a next generation intelligent engagement platform that’s going
to deliver a new kind of value to institutions. A unified platform that’s part of their existing
infrastructure that will enable them to identify at-risk students and intervene early, will
give them new insight into how to run their operations, give them a single unified platform
to integrate with their colleagues and with other institutions. To innovate and build their own applications. And at the end of the day, it will enable
them to take their operations into the future fully supported by an equal vision and level
of commitment from Microsoft.

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