Camera Slider Mechatronics Project

so what we created was a time lapse slider we've got a motor that will move the camera along the rail here and it goes in a move chute move fashion for long exposure stuff so literal move that will take a picture and they'll continue moving and then you can take those pictures and put them together in computer playback video we also built in a video setting where the motor will run constantly and we can record video through smooth linear shots this is our control box and on it we have an LCD screen that displays our menu and then we also have up-down select buttons as well as a keypad for user input and so on the first options on our menu is calibrate the slider we'll move to one side of the rail and then we'll move to the other side is an angle bracket which is set by the user as it does so of course the number of steps it takes and then in our time lapse mode and so here I'm just going to time lapse with a picture every two seconds and a quarter second exposure using the distance that it got through the calibration you can calculate the motor speed and necessary number of steps it needs to take between the picture so as it moves each time the stops it triggers the camera it takes a picture to demonstrate our video mode here you can user can put any rpm they want the motor and they can run in either left or right this is about 60 rpm we also have a battery function which is the pink is monitoring the battery constantly if it dips below a certain voltage it will sound the buzzer we decide our project to be somewhat modular so you can connect pretty much any camera everything comes apart pretty easily so that you could put it in a backpack and then take it i king all of our electronic components fit in this box and then we have a couple of waterproof plugs on the back here sound also initiates when at the end of the program is RAM and it's taken all that's right next time lapse on page one of the main menu we've got to calibrate setting a reset setting a time lapse setting page two we have the video setting the battery monitoring line and then just general settings the way it triggers the camera is inside we have an opto coupler which is led which triggers a transistor and pretty much that just allows current to flow and the camera actually powers the shutter

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