Butterfly iQ in the ED

the real challenge we're facing in the emergency department is time that's why ultrasound is such an indispensable tool because it can give you answers at the bedside and help you make some of those critical decisions but the truth is for a lot of doctors ultrasound is costing them time because it's not within reach when the needle sometimes you can't find it it may be broken maybe not charged or you have to plug it in all of those things add to the time of trying to do an ultrasound in the emergency department ideally doctors would carry their own ultrasound device but a complete system cost over 20k and that's too much for a lot of physicians even for some hospitals that struggle with funding but there's a new ultrasound system from a company called butterfly network that solves a lot of these problems it's called butterfly IQ and it's designed to give you immediate answers at the point of care to save time and to improve outcomes the price is affordable for a clinician a fraction of the cost of other systems so you can buy one for yourself or your hospital could afford to buy a fleet advisors the IQ uses a single trance user to image the entire body so you don't waste time changing or searching for transducers it literally fits in your pocket and it connects to your mobile device so it's there when you need it the IQ stands apart from other handheld systems because they've replaced the traditional piezoelectric crystal with a semiconductor chip this allows butterfly to dramatically reduce cost butterfly is also developing a HIPAA compliant cloud this will enable any butterfly you user to collaborate with colleagues or even send images to a doctor around the world now I'm excited about this technology you'll be able to use it at the bedside to save time evaluation and treat from my patients to be able to archive images securely to be able to collaborate I think it's going to be revolutionary when it comes to ultrasound imaging in the emergency department

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  1. Wanda Callari said:

    Does it have Pulse wave Doppler and can it measure distance ?

    June 26, 2019

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