Business Innovation – Wipe Your Slate Clean

What an amazing thing to be out here in
the snow! This is Steve Drury with TAB Focused Directions. Working with business owners keeps us constantly on our toes and we love it! Today the snow is a great metaphor for an essential business practice – wiping
the slate clean. When our clients get stuck in any area of their business, we
ask them to wipe the slate clean. Forget about the past … what’s been done to solve the problem so far and what everyone else has been telling them to do. Then
lay out the facts, the things they actually know and step back from the
details of their business. And then be creative. Jot down outlandish ideas, jot
down ideas that are too simplistic, jot down ideas that would never work, jot
down ideas from totally different industries and then jot down a few more ideas that come to mind. Go away for a while, a few hours or a few
days and then come back and look at the list. Put a mark beside the ones you want
to flesh out just to see where they go. Pull together some team members and ask them to play along. Do this several times and then see what starts to stick. You’ll
be amazed at what emerges, the new ways you’ll see things and the new solutions
you can pursue. Best of all, you might get as excited as I do when it snows. At TAB
Focused Directions, our mission is to provide impeccable business support that
ignites business owner success. We love working with you the business owner and
helping you succeed.

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