Bureau of Internet Accessibility Overview

This is your organization’s website
and you’ve done a great job making sure it looks amazing and is easy to use
and all your hard work is paying off! Well, maybe you know this already…or maybe
you don’t…. but not EVERYONE is able to use your site
In fact….20% of people on the web have accessibility issues that YOUR SITE doesn’t cater to Ok, so its hard to know on your own where
these problems are and all the accessibility tools out there
are really expensive and complicated but if you don’t FIND the problems and figure
out how to fix them Sure, your SEO rankings and performance will
probably suffer, and you’ll almost DEFINITELY catch some flack
via social media But the worst of it is that you could be facing
some SERIOUS legal consequences. What if there was an easy and affordable way
for you to find and fix your website’s accessibility issues?! The Bureau of Internet Accessibility is here
to help because it’s their mission to make the internet
accessible for everyone and give YOU solutions for fixing any website accessibility issues
you might be facing Their web-based service starts by scanning
and testing your site for issues like these and give it a grade so you can see how accessible
your site is. Then they show you exactly WHAT the problems
are WHERE they are
and offer solutions for HOW you can fix them! When you’re site is fully inclusive, you can
really see the difference… you protect your brand image
and you get better SEO results OH! and best of all, you can keep your audience
happy! Sign up for your free website accessibility
scan today!

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