Building Responsive E-Learning with Adapt

Welcome to the world of Adapt – the simple
way to build stunning, sophisticated content. With Adapt, anyone can create fantastic, web-responsive
content that can be used on any device. Users can start their learning on a PC, continue
it on a tablet and dip back into it on their mobile.
Adapt makes it easy to create, edit, preview and publish the content.
This is Sam. He’s recently started using The Adapt Authoring Tool and has found it
extremely easy to use. Sam loves the fact that he can create a professional
looking, interactive e-learning module easily because of the range of components and additional
features that Adapt provides. This is the dashboard Sam sees when he logs
in. From here he can navigate to a module he has been working on or one shared by another
user. He can also use the search or tagging facility to filter down the modules.
Adapt content is made up of deep scrolling pages and within each page, content is broken
down into Articles, Blocks and Components. It’s as easy as ABC!
Sam loves the fact that there are such a wide variety of components to choose from allowing
him/her to build an interactive and informative piece of e-learning. Here, he adds an article
and then selects the Text Component. He completes the relevant fields, Saves and then previews.
Sam now wants to add a graphic to sit alongside his/her text. He can search for an existing
one within the Asset Manager or upload a new one.
One of the key benefits of Adapt for Sam is that it allows him/her to create a bespoke
piece of e-learning that is visually striking. He can really bring the e-learning to life
by uploading a custom-built theme with distinct images, colours, fonts and logos.
It's also possible to add custom extensions to enhance content such as a glossary or a
list of resources. Sam has created a Scrolling Prompt. As his/her organisation is new to
Adapt he finds this additional navigational feature a great way to introduce learners
to the deep scrolling element. Once Sam’s module is complete it can published
by the click of a single button. This will generate a trackable e-learning module which
can be uploaded to a Learning Management System or website.
The module can now be completed by everyone in the organisation, no matter where they
work. Sam has found The Adapt Authoring Tool an
extremely easy way to build exciting and engaging e-learning for his organisation. We think
you will too!

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