Building Innovation Capability

the danger people talking about an innovation as if it's a noun is that it's something that you can just build and do and be done with and then see if there's another one that comes along it's a change of mindset that needs to happen that says we will focus on implementing and commercializing ideas and we will build that first innovation capability is something that's arisen in the last few years as we see more and more companies looking to build internal skills processes structures so they can consistently develop innovative solutions and create customer experiences only an organization can implement its own ideas you can't outsource them you need to be able to structure your organization and find the right way both culturally and process wise to get ideas out focus on the original intent of the idea if you can protect the idea get it out into the market and start to get some real customer data but then you start to build that case more effectively the innovation is just a means to an end that end is growth differentiation meaningful offerings to the marketplace it takes time it takes commitment and it takes really thinking about where do we want to be versus oh you know I see a successful company to my left in my right um how can I do that tomorrow you

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